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Steeped in Swedish engineering, Primus has been globally recognized for pioneering outdoor cooking since 1892. Since then our innovative products have made countless expeditions possible through outstanding quality and performance: a Primus stove accompanied Roald Amundsen when he was the first person to reach the South Pole on 14 December 1911. Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay used a Primus on Mount Everest when they climbed the summit on 29 May 1953.

However, these are just the most popular amongst several pioneering adventures that relied on Primus in the past. Until today, our search for improved technologies and smart solutions for the most adventures has never stopped.

Our passion for the outdoors and technical expertise is the secret behind every one of these innovations. It's also the reason we hand test every stove before it leaves our state of the art European production facility in Estonia. Our goal is to ensure each and everyone becomes a truly reliable, life-long companion.

This approach is not limited to products for those who climb the highest mountains, enter hostile Polar regions and discover the most remote areas you can imagine. Our innovations also come into play for your everyday stove, lantern or accessories. We want you to enjoy your time outdoors. No matter where you are, no matter what you do!

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Primus Power gas 230g
Primus Power gas 230g ..
Inc VAT: £4.75
Primus Express Spider
The ExpressSpider is one of the lightest hose-mounted gas stoves available and a perfect alternat..
Inc VAT: £50.00
Primus MULTIFUEL Multi- Fuel Stove
Description MultiFuel is a sturdy stove that works with gas, gasoline/petr..
Inc VAT: £150.00
Primus LiTech Frying Pan
Description LiTech frying pan is a lightweight pan made from hard anodized aluminium with a c..
Inc VAT: £25.00
Primus LiTech Pot Set 1.3l
Pots for weight-conscious hikers LiTech Pot Set is, as the name implies, the first choice for..
Inc VAT: £47.00
Primus Fuel Bottle
Primus Fuel Bottle ..
Inc VAT: £15.00
Primus Micron Trail Stove Piezo
Description Camping stove with Piezo lighter that will fit in the chest pocket Do y..
Inc VAT: £40.00
Primus TrailSpork Tritan
Description Super lightweight all in one fork, knife and spoon TrailSpork Tritan re..
Inc VAT: £2.50
Primus Summer gas 230g
Primus Summer gas 230g ..
Inc VAT: £4.75
PRIMUS PrimeTech Stove Set 1.3L
Description Excellent camping stove for longer hikes and trips PrimeTech Stove Set ..
Inc VAT: £115.00
Primus Summer gas 450g
Primus Summer gas 450g ..
Inc VAT: £6.50
Primus Litech Coffee/Tea Kettle 0.9 L
Description This lightweight coffee/tea kettle made of hard-anodized aluminium is a lovely at..
Inc VAT: £20.00
Primus Power gas 100g
Primus Power gas 100g ..
Inc VAT: £4.00
Primus LiTech Trek Kettle
Description This lightweight 1 litre pot and frying pan is perfect for both big and small adv..
Inc VAT: £25.00