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Running Towards the Light by Nathan Millward

SIGNED by Nathan

Postcards from Alaska

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SIGNED by Nathan

Postcards from Alaska

This is the follow up book, recounting the story of my second trip, this time across America, beginning in New York and ending in Alaska. It was a journey of 8,000 miles, taking around 3 months to complete with a break in between for winter. It was on the same bike, in much of the same gear, once again leaving on a whim, no planning, no preparation, just putting the bike on a plane at Heathrow, flying to New York and beginning my journey from there, little more than £500 in my pocket.

The book is an honest account of a tough period in my life when I didn’t know which way to turn or what to do next. In the end I put my faith in the road and headed west.

The book features 24 colour pages of colour images, illustrating the trip.

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