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Sargent Seat R1200 & R1250GS & GSA LC - RIDER SEAT

NOTE: THIS SEAT IS FOR THE R1200GS & R1250GS & GSA LC  Continuing in the tradition of meticulously designed and produced seats, Sargent Cycle Products is pleased to offer the Worl [Read more ...]


Product code: GS LC STANDARD

Manufacturers code: 1200GS LC Seat

Brand: Sargent Seats


Continuing in the tradition of meticulously designed and produced seats, Sargent Cycle Products is pleased to offer the World Sport Adventure Touring Front Seat for the BMW R1200/1250GS and GS Adventure  Liquid-Cooled model.

Utilising the latest digital modeling, computer design (CAD) techniques, precise manufacturing processes, and superior materials, each World Sport seat pan is precision-moulded for superior fit and outfitted with high-quality hardware.
The R1200GS LC seats feature our lightweight yet durable PolyTec base pans with features that go far beyond the stock seat.

Gel-Free! Superior comfort and suspension without the thermal retention and extra weight of gel.
Sargent's Super Cell Atomic Foam suspension is our own unique and proprietary blend of resilience, firmness, and vibration-absorption qualities - making it well suited for maximum long distance comfort.

The World Sport Front Seat for the BMW R1200GS LC features our marine-grade, UV-stabilised, colour-coordinated upholstery which is hand-sewn specifically to maximise the qualities of the Super Cell Foam. In addition, it is virtually maintenance free.

This World Sport Adventure Touring Seat has the following features:

Gel-Free Super Cell Atomic Foam and enhanced shape with significantly increased width and lateral lift, providing far better distribution of pressure over a greater area.

Zone Suspension Technology featuring hidden central pressure relief channel plus a special internal layer that absorbs and diminishes high pressure points.

- Light-weight precision made design which functions just like the OEM, allowing for front seat dual height adjustment.

- The newly designed Sargent Front seat base pan has 20% added width (compared to OEM), giving critical structural foam support for an incredibly comfortable riding experience.

- Standard Height and Low Height front seats available.

- Front seat features an under-seat hinged door storage compartment and built-in LED flashlight holder with the Sargent LED flashlight included.

- The Front seat also features built-in OEM Off-Road Performance Chip holder, just like the OEM seat.

- The seat is offered with durable, comfortable, maintenance-free black CarbonFX vinyl seating inserts and black side panels.

- There is a choice of standard piping colours, or you can choose not to have any piping - just a seam; this is known as TOPSTITCH.

- Ready to install - right out of the box.

- Optional Sargent EM-5 Front Rider's backrest - the most adjustable backrest on the market.

- Optional Sargent Complete Heat Upgrade available - with it's own Controller.

- The Front seat is compatible with both the BMW pillion luggage plate (P/N# 77-44-8-523-742) and Sargent's EM-5 Rider's Backrest.


The Regular fabric for Sargent World Sport Performance Seats is CarbonFX.

CarbonFX features a simulated carbon fibre weave effect.

This fabric is used for the Insert (the area the rider sits on) only, while the side panels and Piping are made with the plain Smooth fabric.

Smooth fabric does in fact have a light leather-effect imprint.

In common with all Sargent fabric, CarbonFX and Smooth are virtually maintenance-free.

Seat Heights

This Sargent World Sport seat fits both the R1200GS and Adventure models


The Sargent World Sport Rider's Seat for the R1200GS is available in two seat heights:

The Regular Version, which is comparable to the OEM high seat, and the Low Version, for improved reach to the ground.

STOCK OEM 34.25" 33.40"
SARGENT 34.20" 33.50"       

The seat height of the SARGENT WORLD SPORT seats is the same/comparable to the seat height of both the BMW OEM STANDARD front and LOW front seats.

This applies to all models, the Standard R1200GS, the Adventure version and the Lowered Suspension.
There should be no noticeable difference in height.

Of course, the SARGENT seats will adjust in the same way as the OEM seats.

BMW also offers an OEM HIGH seat, for which SARGENT do not make a comparable product.

There is no Low version of the rear seat.

NOTE: Actual "seat to ground" dimensions may vary depending on rider weight, anatomy, and motorcycle suspension settings.

Add-On Heat for Sargent seats

The heat is provided by a special unobtrusive fine gauge wire element which does not compromise comfort.
The Add-On heat package of Control and Installation Kit includes a built in relay and in-line fuse for safety, and is installed "switched" so there is no danger of battery drain when the bike is turned off.
Each heated seating area (front or rear) is supplied with its own heat Control.
Each heated zone draws approximately 2 amps (or 24 watts), and dual zone installations will draw approximately 4 amps (or 48 watts) at full power.

Our new "Advanced Comfort Control" offers maximum comfort, delivering a fully variable range of heat from Off to Full Power and anywhere in between.
Unlike competitive products which are just simple on or off bi-metallic thermostats that are affected by ambient temperatures, our Control supplies a full range of consistent heat delivery in all weather conditions.
The Control is completely waterproof and can be conveniently mounted within view using the enclosed Velcro strips.
The adjustable power and brightness settings are displayed in a LED bar graph that shows the exact heat setting, and is visible day or night.

Note - Prices start with just the Rider seat, then select the options you require
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