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Top quality horns which you and everyone else can hear! Up to 119dB, easy fitment and robust quality.


Q1. How loud are original horns? A1. The majority are 110dB.

Q2. Which horn will fit my bike? A2 The FIAMM Mini Blaster will fit any bike. For the FIAMM Mini Blaster Twin pack - this will also fit most bikes. The FIAMM Master Blaster is larger than the FIAMM Mini Blaster so check the measurements given to see if it is suitable.

Q3. Which horn is the loudest? A3 The FIAMM Master Blaster and the Mini Blaster Twin pack put out 119dB and so are the loudest while the single FIAMM Mini Blaste are about 115dB. Decibels are a Logarithm measurement so 3 extra dB is a doubling in volume. So even the smallest horn that we sell (FIAMM Mini Blaster) is MUCH LOUDER than any OE horn.

Q4. What do the horns sound like? A4. The tone is much deeper than the original horns which usually sound a bit beep beep! The FIAMM Master blaster in particular has a deep note which will make your bike sound like a large lorry or a small freight train !