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GSEmotion ~ Inner Bags BMW R1200GS

GSEmotion ~ Inner Bags BMW R 1200 GS


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Product code: 100478

Manufacturers code: bgs001

Brand: GSEmotion

GSEmotion ~ Inner Bags BMW R 1200 GS


The inner bags are made of nylon 840 gr. openinig like a suitcase.

The bags are accessed by a zipped hinged flap to use all available space inside the cases in both position.

The bag next the muffler is provided with a detachable pouch for filling all the space above the muffler.

Excellent materials and finish ensure a good strenght and high durability.

The use of bags avoids the troublesome transport of the case, very heavy and sometimes dirty, after a trip in the rain or on dirt.

They are provided with transparent label for the owner’s name, and handle for easy transport.

The prices are -

Left side pouch £38.50

Left side Bag £61.75

Right side Bag £61.75

Top Box Bag £61.75

Set of all 4 bags £160.75

Set of 3 bags, Left bag, Pouch and Right bag £130.75

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