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Together with Kayland® (outdoor footwear), Jolly® (footwear for fire-fighters and workwear) and Cosmas® (footwear for special armed forces), since 2006 TCX® has been part of Novation S.p.A., an industrial group that produces advanced composite materials and assembles components such as carbon fibre, plastic and metal for the sports articles, aeronautic and automotive industries. Being part of the Novation group has, on one hand, given TCX® a strong incentive towards developing its technological know how and, on the other, the chance to devote itself to constant research and development of high-tech solutions, aimed at continually increasing the comfort and safety of its products. This is the brand’s true mission and is something that all motorcyclists need. Functional synergy with other group brands gives TCX® a great advantage over its competitors: the unique opportunity to bring technology and materials from other sectors to its products in order to produce innovative solutions for the world of motorbike footwear. The result is continual development and optimisation of TCX® products, many of which have become milestones in the history of motorcycle footwear.


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