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Carpathian 2 Wheels Guides : Road and Off Road Touring Romania, 4 books and an Atlas

Carpathian 2 Wheels Guides to Motorcycle travel in Romania

Riding to or in Romania ? these three guide books give you loads of info on routes, places to see, camping and accommo [Read more ...]


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Carpathian 2 Wheels Guides to Motorcycle travel in Romania

Riding to or in Romania ? these three guide books give you loads of info on routes, places to see, camping and accommodation.

Volume 1 The Apuseni Mountains

208 pages of info including lots of general information, places to see, roads to ride and a description of the roads and tracks.

The first Romanian guide dedicated to 2 wheels travelers.

In modern society, wilderness is becoming increasingly hard to find, but some regions of Romania still hold places not yet swallowed by the technology. The Apuseni Mountains are such a place, and for that matter, they have captured the attention of the first edition of Carpathian 2 Wheels Guide.
With a size of 16,5 by 22 cm the guide is small enough to fit in most of the tankbags and the spiral bound will help the browsing of the map and descriptions.


27 routes

The routes are divided by the type of road on which they go through, as well as the time necessary to complete them. The first 8 tracks are entirely on asphalt; 16 in the class of Soft Enduro are extending to unpaved roads, and the last 3 have a high level of difficulty and are included into Adventure category.
For each of these categories, the guide proposes a long-term circuit. Each takes on the task of a complete tour of the Apuseni Mountains, with a navigation time between 5 to 9 days.

Detailed information

All the details of the circuits are personally collected and centralized in such a way thatthe guide may provide information regarding the condition of roads, accommodation, tourist attractions worth visiting and even legends of the locals.

GPS tracks

GPS tracks of all routes are made available via the guide for those who prefer to use this method of guidance.

Each book has a unique download code, this give you access to GPS downloads for all the routes in the book

Free route to download -



Volume 2 Carpathian 2 Wheels Guide Motorcycle - Road Touring Romania

110 pages of info covering Touring in Romania from Transylvania to the Transfagarasan pass, the Black Sea to mountain passes

Museums, Citidels, Castles, Churches, Ruins, Monasteries, Parks and interesting roads, This book will give you lots of information about touring Romania

The second guidebook of the Carpathian 2 Wheels Guide project: Touring Romania proposes 28 routes on tarmac that cover all the regions of  the country. The majority of the routes, 21 of them, are covering the historical regions of Romania like: Maramureş, Banat, Transilvania or Dobrogea. The other 7 take the travelers on the major mountain passes of the Carpathian Mountains.

Each book has a unique download code, this give you access to GPS downloads for all the routes in the book

Free route to download -

Volume 3 Carpathian 2 Wheels Guide Motorcycle - Off Road Romania

Romania holds many fairytale places, ancient traditions and legends, much more beautiful or frightening than that Dracula character. Many of them are beyond the urban environment and are not accessible by modern roads. We believe that a real journey begins after the end of the asphalt – so, we propose a tour of the Carpathian Mountains, 3000 kilometers / 1800 miles long, on unpaved roads.


Route of 3000 kilometres / 1800 miles
More than half of them are stone or ground roads, going through mountain passes, villages stuck in time, crossing rivers, cloughs and deep gorges. The paved roads only make the connection to the next wild area and provide the possibility to restore supplies. The route is divided into 13 chapters, each with one or two maps, a description and photos. The difficult sections are highlighted, along with places worth visiting and suggestions for overnight accommodation.

Touristic Attractions
Nature is uncovered on the wandering routes through the mountains, from the Danube Cauldrons to the Poiana Ruscă Mountains, from the Gorge of Bicaz to the Mountains of Nemira and from the Clough of the river Olt (unpaved road) to Strategica Roadway of Latoriței Mountains (over 2000 meters / 6500 feet high). Famous touristic attractions are not overlooked, such as the fortresses of Sighișoara, Rupea, Bran; the Monasteries of Moldavia, the wooden churches of Maramureș or the fortified churches of Transylvania.

GPS tracks and Mobile App
All the routes and information presented in the guide are available in digital format. The unique code found in the guide  provides access to the GPS tracks and a Mobile Application with navigation features.


Volume 4 Carpathian 2 Wheels Guide Motorcycle - Transylvania Routes

The story of Transylvania

The word Transylvania can be translated as "The Land beyond the forest ", a perfect name for adventures in a story-like place. The routes of this guidebook go through the forests, the mountains, on roads which connect medieval castles and that are tracks on riverbanks of the large rivers from Transylvania. Sighișoara, Râșnov and Rupea Citadel, the fortified churches in Biertan and Viscri are major points of reference linked by roads on ridges, dotted with villages spectacular by their simplicity. Apuseni Mountains, Poiana Ruscă, Șureanu and the Eastern Carpathian group of mountains are crossed on dirt roads full of mud and unique landscapes on each turn.

4132 kilometers of adventures 

It is necessary to go beyond the tarmac roads to enjoy the wild beauty of this region. 9 out of the 10 routes are on unpaved or dirt roads, some are difficult others are easier. The off-road tracks total 2654 kilometers and each have lengths between 170 and 450 kilometers.

The last route, 1508 kilometers long, is the challenge that we have prepared for the tarmac roads lovers. This is the longest track that can link all the touristic attractions of Transylvania and includes the most beautiful mountain passes and secondary roads.

GPS tracks and mobile application

The digital version of the guide is a mobile application. The GPS tracks of each route are available, to make navigation easier and also not to miss any of the tourist attractions.

Each book has a unique download code, this give you access to GPS downloads for all the routes in the book

Volume 5 Carpathian 2 Wheels Guide Motorcycle - Moto Atlas all Romania

Motoatlas Romania is a road atlas of the entire country, which has marked the most beautiful routes on asphalt and off-road, for travelers who want to discover this country. The asphalt routes are addressed to any tourist because they can be traveled by any vehicle and the off-road ones open new horizons and require motorcycles or cars prepared for unpaved or dirt roads.

The most complex cartographic material made by Carpathian 2 Wheels presents in 137 pages a road map, with a scale of 1 to 300 000, the most important tourist attractions of the country, all parks and nature reserves but also picturesque routes discovered by us in our 10 years of explorations.

If you are planning a trip to Romania then I would recommend buying all three books.

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