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Belstaff Long Way Up

Charley Boorman and Ewan McGregor started their third long trip together in late 2019, having done the Long Way Round and the Long Way Up they got reconnected with each other after Charley had a serious bike accident, breaking both legs, they started talking about doing the Long Way Up, in late 2019 they started their Long Way Up journey from the southernmost tip of South America and planned to ride to Los Angeles, a trip of some 13,000 miles, they decided to make the journey on a couple of electric motorcycles, this time using Harley Davidsons rather than the BMW's they had used in the past.

Belstaff were involved with the previous trips but this time they provided the clothing for both on and off the bikes, for Charley, a Gore-Tex Pro suit was designed, as well as Jeans and a down jacket, Ewan wanted a wax cotton jacket and leather trousers so Belstaff designed a Wax Cotton jacket with leather trim on the shoulders and elbows and added the McGregor tartan lining.

Belstaff contacted us here at the Adventure Bike Shop and delivered samples to us so we could look at the design and suggest any improvements that could be made, three of those suggestions were incorporated in to the final design, we were of course sworn to secrecy until the show started on Apple TV on the 18th September but it was nice to be involved and especially nice to know that some of our suggestions were taken on board and used in the final design.

The Belstaff range of Long Way Up Clothing is now in stock in the Adventure Bike Shop.