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Sargent Seat R1200RT LC - PILLION SEAT

The BMW R1200RT 2014+ World Sport Performance Motorcycle Rear Seat is shown with the CarbonFX insert and a matching silver welt. Utilising the latest digital modeling, computer design (CAD) techniq [Read more ...]


Product code: rt lc pillion

Manufacturers code: 1200RT LC Seat

Brand: Sargent Seats

The BMW R1200RT 2014+ World Sport Performance Motorcycle Rear Seat is shown with the CarbonFX insert and a matching silver welt.

Utilising the latest digital modeling, computer design (CAD) techniques, precise manufacturing processes, and superior materials, each World Sport seat pan is precision-moulded for superior fit and outfitted with high-quality hardware.

The R1200RT 2014+ seat features the our PolyTec Injection Moulded base pans with "better than stock" hardware and stainless steel fasteners.

The PolyTec composition base pan is a tough, lightweight material providing an exceptional high-performance seat foundation.

Our Super Cell Atomic Foam suspension is our own unique and proprietary blend of resilience, firmness, and vibration-absorption qualities - making it well suited for maximum long distance comfort.

The World Sport Seat for the BMW R1200RT 2014+ features our marine-grade, UV-stabilised, color-coordinated upholstery which is hand-sewn specifically to maximise the qualities of the Super Cell Atomic Foam.
The upholstery is virtually maintenance free, requiring only periodic washing as usual.


• PolyTec light-weight, precision-engineered seat pans that are over 20% wider than stock for extra support and function just like stock right out of the box.

• Gel-free Super Cell Atomic Foam with enhanced shape and Zone Suspension and Body Contour Technology for incredible long-distance comfort.

• Available in Regular Height and Low Version front seat heights.

• Front seat is fully-adjustable in all seat positions - like the BMW OEM seat.

• Additional under-the-seat storage under front seat and OEM tool holder under rear seat.

• Durable, comfortable and maintenance-free CarbonFX vinyl inserts.

• Colour-coordinated piping (optional).

• NEW! Fine Wire with Embedded Flex Pad Technology. The heating element is moulded in just below the foam surface for stability, and it is designed to flex with the riders' weight and pressure to ensure that comfort and suspension are not compromised - a Sargent exclusive!

• Available OEM compatible heat on front seat with BMW compatible plugs that integrate seamlessly with your OEM on-board heat controls. No splicing required.

Add-On Heat for Sargent seats

The heat is provided by a special unobtrusive fine gauge wire element which does not compromise comfort.
The Add-On heat package of Control and Installation Kit includes a built in relay and in-line fuse for safety, and is installed "switched" so there is no danger of battery drain when the bike is turned off.
Each heated seating area (front or rear) is supplied with its own heat Control.
Each heated zone draws approximately 2 amps (or 24 watts), and dual zone installations will draw approximately 4 amps (or 48 watts) at full power.

Our new "Advanced Comfort Control" offers maximum comfort, delivering a fully variable range of heat from Off to Full Power and anywhere in between.
Unlike competitive products which are just simple on or off bi-metallic thermostats that are affected by ambient temperatures, our Control supplies a full range of consistent heat delivery in all weather conditions.
The Control is completely waterproof and can be conveniently mounted within view using the enclosed Velcro strips.
The adjustable power and brightness settings are displayed in a LED bar graph that shows the exact heat setting, and is visible day or night.

Note - Prices start with just the Rider seat, then select the options you require
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