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Shoei Neotec 3 Helmet White

■ Design -Seamless design that eliminates the gap between the face cover and the shell and the shell and the ventilation parts -Advanced aerodynamic form -Sophisticated design with a sense of [Read more ...]


Product code: Neotec 3 White

Manufacturers code: 08189XX

Brand: Shoei

■ Design -Seamless design that eliminates the gap between the face cover and the shell and the shell and the ventilation parts -Advanced aerodynamic form -Sophisticated design with a sense of unity even when the communication system is installed
■ Pursuit/Improvement of functionality
-Newly designed micro ratchet chinstrap
-Newly designed cheek pad to improve quietness
-QSV-2 internal sun visor
-CNS-3C Shield: CNS-3 shield performing high air tightness and preventing water leaking adapted to center locking mechanism
-Side cover making the gap between the shell and the face cover seamless and improve quietness
-Face Cover locking mechanism
-The integrated communication system mounting mechanism
■ Pursuit of safety
- Multi-piece EPS liner to optimize impact absorption for each part by utilizing varying densities of form
- AIM shell

NEOTEC 3 inherits the shell shape that has a step on the forehead for the internal sun visor housing part, which characterizes the sun visor series. Designed the shell to make the outline of the side view sporty, and the shell-integrated rear spoiler and the lower end of the back of the head are edgy leaving the impression of NEOTEC II, while the overall design is sophisticated that is typical of a touring model. The lines between the shell, face cover, and outer parts are designed to be smooth and seamless, and black is used for the ventilation base parts to express a three-dimensional presence.

The newly designed cheek pad is extended to the back of the head to closely fit the rider's neck. Combined with the noise isolator that covers the gap around the chin strap, it prevents wind from entering from the bottom of the helmet. For surface of the interior parts, raised fabric that is soft to the touch is used for areas where rider's skin rubs against when putting on and taking off a helmet, and a high absorption and quick-drying fabric used for areas where rider sweat a lot. Ensure a riding comfort even when riding for long periods of time.

Sun Visor
SHOEI's internal sun visor has a reputation for having quality comparable to the European sunglass standard EN1836 and high optical characteristics with little distortion. The NEOTEC3 uses the QSV-2 sun visor, which is 5 mm elongated than the QSV-1. Strong wires are used for SHOEI’s sun visor operation mechanism that realizes smooth handling. The sun visor operation mechanism using strong wires and the mechanism that has a stopper function with a click feeling at the fully open position of the sun visor lever to prevent the sun visor from suddenly falling down are unique to SHOEI.

NEOTEC3 is equipped with a CNS-3C shield that is adapted to center locking mechanism on the CNS-3 shield which is designed exclusively for flip-up helmets. The CNS-3 features a shape in which the upper ends of both sides of the shield are bent toward the shell, creating a greater sense of unity with the shell and preventing water and wind from entering from around the shield and face cover. Since the conventional CNS-3 shield is opened and closed with the tab equipped on the left side of the shield, the shield bends when opening and closing. CNS-3C, which equips the shield lock knob on the center, realizes smooth handling of opening and closing a shield, and proper sealing with the window beading has been achieved.

■Lower Air Intake Equipped with two intake holes, the shutter can be operated easily. A filter that prevents insects from entering the helmet is equipped inside.
■Upper Air Intake The opening of the upper air intake has a step with the shell and base parts, making it easy to operate even with winter gloves. Equipped with two air intake holes to introduce wind to the air channels inside the helmet.
■Top Air Outlet The top air outlet, which is equipped with two outlet holes, has been repeatedly verified in SHOEI's wind tunnel facility, and has been designed for efficient ventilation performance.

Flip-up helmets are required a high level of quietness among touring models. In addition to a noise isolator that reduces the entry of wind from the bottom of a helmet, newly designed cheek pads for NEOTEC3 have volume on the bottom to minimize the gap around the neck and are extended to the back of the head which improves the contact with the neck and prevents wind from entering from the bottom of a helmet.

A micro ratchet type chinstrap that boasts high durability, safety, and the convenience of being easily tightened even with gloves on. NEOTEC3 introduces a newly developed micro ratchet chinstrap that has become compact. Made of highly durable stainless steel, it locks with two claws when tightened, and can be released only by raising the lever to a certain angle or more. The new micro ratchet buckle is downsized keeping these structures for maximizing the safety. By knitting high-strength and high-elasticity high-performance fiber in the chinstrap, it makes possible to slim down while securing strength, and the fit to the neck has been improved.

Integration with Communication System
In addition to communication between riders touring in group and with passengers, the kind of riders who enjoy riding by themselves while listening to music, radio, navigation, etc. is becoming more and more popular.
The mounting part of the communication system on NEOTEC 3 is made as compact as possible, realizing a design that has a greater sense of unity with the helmet when the communication system is installed. Each part is equipped with a cover, and the helmet design is not compromised even when the communication system is not installed. In addition, the base parts located on both sides of the shell reduce the vertical height to reduce wind noise.
Switch units can be installed on both sides of the shell and a battery in the space provided between the shell and the liner at the bottom of the back of the head. It makes it easier to remove and fix the cover for the base parts on both sides of the shell. The battery box is designed so that the charging port for the communication system is placed on the back of the head, that the helmet can be charged while the helmet is placed on a flat surface. The exclusively designed communication system for NEOTEC 3 has been developed by SENA following the SRL series.

AIM Shell
AIM (Advanced Integrated Matrix) is SHOEI's proprietary high-performance shell structure which is lightweight and superior in rigidity and elasticity based on complex structure of strong glass fibers and organic fibers. We have secured safety high enough to pass the strict standards in each country. While pursuing rigidity and lightness, we continuously ensure uniform safety for every product as before.
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