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Sena SRL-03 Bluetooth MESH Intercom Headset Shoei Neotec 3

Sena SRL-03 Bluetooth MESH Intercom Headset: Communication system for Shoei GT-Air 3, Neotec 3 and J-Cruise 3

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Product code: SRL3

Manufacturers code: SRL-03

Brand: SENA Intercoms

Sena SRL-03 Bluetooth MESH Intercom Headset: Communication system for Shoei GT-Air 3, Neotec 3 and J-Cruise 3

The Sena SRL-03 Bluetooth MESH Intercom Headset is crafted in partnership with Shoei to be compatible with the new GT-Air 3, Neotec 3, and J-Cruise 3 helmets. With dual Bluetooth 5.0 chips, it offers communication with up to 7 riders over 1.6 km, and the MESH 2.0 technology allows you to reach more riders over a larger distance. Its Audio Multitasking™ feature lets you listen to music and converse seamlessly. It's similar to the best-selling Sena 20S communication system but has a simpler control unit with only 3 buttons.

Multiple connection options:

Universal Intercom™ allows the SRL-03 to communicate with any other Bluetooth system, whether your fellow riders have a Sena unit or not. Multi-Channel Open Mesh Intercom gives you access to nine channels and almost limitless numbers of other riders within a range of 8km (max. interval 1km). Group Mesh Intercom creates a multi-way private conversation with up to 24 paired headsets. The Sena RideConnected app allows you to talk to any number of riders in any location when connected to a mobile network.

Audio benefits:

Advanced Noise Control™ ensures that external noise such as wind or engine sounds do not interfere with the audio you receive. With Shoei helmets that are already some of the quietest on the market, and Harman Kardon speakers, you get the best audio quality. The intercom automatically adjusts the volume of your music when you start and end a conversation over intercom or phone call, so you don't have to manage it manually.

Seamless integration with your helmet and ride:

The super thin unit is custom-designed to slot right onto the side of your Shoei helmet, with a voice command feature to allow for hands-free control. You'll barely notice it's there! There are new detachable microphone options in the kit, so you can choose whichever one suits you best. Connect with the Sena Utility App to access device settings and the Quick Start Guide in seconds.

  • Custom fit for Shoei GT-Air 3, Neotec 3, J-Cruise 3

  • Connect 8 riders with Bluetooth 5.0

  • Connect 24 riders with Group Mesh

  • Limitless connection with Open Mesh

  • Audio management reduces outside noise

  • Mobile apps for configuration and connection

Sena SRL-03 Bluetooth Intercom Headset Details

  • Audio Multitasking™

  • Voice Command

  • Intercom range 1.6km

  • Eight-way intercom

  • Music sharing

  • Advanced Noise Control™

  • FM Radio

  • Remote control compatible

  • Custom helmet fit

  • 8 hours talk time

  • 40mm speaker - thickness 7.3mm

  • Bluetooth 5.0

  • Charging time 2.5 hours

  • Lithium Polymer Battery

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